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by Dr. Gwendolyn Galsworth

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The Start of the Journey is the Destination

More often than not, an effective implementation of operator-led visuality produces a 15%-30% increase in productivity on the cell or departmental level, beginning with the implementation of the visual where. (Or, as our trainers like to title it: 5S on Steroids). But...

Empower the Value-Add Level Through Workplace Visuality

Some mistakes managers make at the start of a visual conversion are serious and hard to repair. For example, when managers decide to commandeer for themselves the task of implementing the visual where—or simply order it into existence. Either way, this is the damaging...

Carve Out a New Role for Supervisors

Letting value-add associates own the improvement outcome I call the visual where is a big step forward for most companies. But, as we have been discussing over the past two issues of The Visual Thinker, the impact of this can--and should—be more than a genuine...

Sustainment: Prepare For It!

To be complete, a company’s journey to a fully-functioning visual workplace must address information deficits on every level of the enterprise, including office and support functions. In most companies, this process can span two to five years. Yet with a...

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Articles on Visual Management, Visual Lean, and More

Gwendolyn Galsworth, Ph.D. has written numerous articles on visuality for VTI’s weekly newsletter, The Visual Thinker, all available below. Choose your topic–5S, Lean, Culture, Leadership, Standards, Implementation–or just use the search box or categories to find the information you need.

Borg Thinking: Standardizing Too Soon

In the last few issues of The Visual Thinker, we put the foundation in place for our continuing discussion about standards and standardization. Now let’s take on THE trap: all too easily as we implement a visual workplace, we standardize visual devices too...

Visual Standards: Seven Points

My last two articles in The Visual Thinker (Standards, Standardization, Standard Work and Visual Standards) drew a lot of response. Readers were kind enough to share their thoughts and definitions. Some offered new terms to include in the mix: standardized work and...

Kenya: Magical People/Magical Skies

Last week I wrote about the strong Kaizen gains that Kenyan companies have achieved. But Kenya is even more than its impressive manufacturers. During the last few days of my stay, I went with my esteemed editor, Aurelia Navarro, to Masai Mara—a magical journey into...

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