The Good Stuff

Captivating Trainer

“Dr. Galsworth is a captivating and entertaining trainer. She has a gift for making participants out of attendees. The implementation principles and structure—the model—are excellent.”

Passion for the Topic

“Galsworth’s passion for the topic and her experience and examples bring the benefits of visual/lean to light brilliantly. Her explanation of the training and implementation process made me readily understand where we are on our journey and how to tailor the process to fit our company.”

Galsworth is Outstanding

”This is one of the best courses I’ve ever attended. The real-life examples and experiences were great. An excellent, complete system. Galsworth is outstanding.”


“Gwendolyn packed her keynote with great information, knowledge, know-how. And she made it entertaining. Compelling!”

Universal Simplicity

“Galsworth’s project coaching was incredible. Enthusiastic, detailed, and full of practical know-how. The universal simplicity of applying her visual workplace practices was a huge help.”


“Exceptional, viewing the workplace through the eyes of value-add associates—instructing, coaching, and guiding us through a visual conversion.”


“I had the privilege of meeting Gwen at a Kaizen event in Kenya and have begun reading her book with my team. As we read chapter by chapter, we make notes of what we can implement in our workplace. The team is highly motivated and inspired to put into practice what they have learnt. An excellent read.”

Great Stuff

“This is great stuff. It fills a gap in our Lean offering. We tell clients that making everything visual is important. And we may help them create some visual aides. But we’ve never had a training system doing that effectively. This is it! VTI’s approach will allow us to re-invent ourselves with existing old clients with whom we’ve done basic 5S work, especially if it has stalled.”


“The learning experience for me this week has been awesome! To understand the application of the principles of visual workplace and visual thinking and how the tools can help develop and empower my team to become a world class organization is enlightening.”

Great Learning Experience

“This week has been a great learning experience. I taught lean principles for years but never knew visuality is a strong as lean. The methodology taught this week has strengthened my thought process and will allow me to continue to be a valuable asset for my company. There is power behind visuality that can pull all levels—from management down to operators—together onto the same playing field. At that time success will be inevitable”

What I was Missing

“I have practiced Lean Manufacturing for many years and pushed the implementation of 5S almost as long. I always thought that I had a good grasp on what needed to be done to have a successful project. Now I have learned that the visuality in the workplace I was missing is enormous. All this time and I was missing a fundamental tool. The idea and terminology of patterns makes so much sense that it is shocking how this has gone on for so long.”

Put it to Use

“The world’s foremost visual workplace expert has detailed what it takes to make [visuality] a system… you’ll be eager to put [it] to use.”

Perfect Harmony

“A work in perfect harmony with The Shingo Prize.”

Best Training

“This is the best training I’ve ever attended in my life.”

Great Teacher

“Great Subject – Great Teacher”


“The material and instruction of this course are outstanding.”

Spirit of the Workforce

“This is a powerful tool to train your clients on, so they can realize the full potential of lean by meshing the visual/cultural gains of a visual workplace and capturing the spirit of the workforce.”

Download to my Brain

“I wish I could download this book right to my brain. It is fascinating and has many practical applications for everyone.”

Make Life Easier

“A must read for anyone starting his lean journey. It will make their life a lot easier. Excellent to start implementing after each chapter.”

about Visual Thinking

Established by Gwendolyn Galsworth in 1991, Visual Thinking Inc. (formerly Quality Methods International/QMI) is a training and implementation company, specializing in expert knowledge and know-how on workplace visuality. We bring those to you in the form of our books, DVDs, Online Training Systems, implementation protocol, train-the-trainer workshops, and other on-line and on-site services.


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