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Train The Trainer: Enterprise Self-Sufficiency

A Perfect Way To Bring Dr. Galsworth To Your Company

When self-sufficiency is your goal, there is no better way to achieve this than through the Visual-Lean® Institute’s train-the-trainer process in the visual workplace technology of your choice.

When you register for one of our Train-The-Trainers (TTT), you can expect to delve into the knowledge base of your chosen methodology and also learn key instructional and coaching practices that turn knowledge into know-how—and know-how into cultural alignment and bankable results.

Our Train-The-Trainer packages include:

  • World-class training conducted, personally, by Dr. Galsworth
  • The complete system of Online Training modules
  • The associated bonus modules
  • The associated Resource Folio
  • Special Trainer Manuals and Teaching Thumbnails
  • Special coaching on how to visually assess your facility
  • Special training on planning and prep for your learning sessions and doing your “homework”
  • A set of pdf files of associated full-color Instructional Wall Charts for you to reproduce at will
  • Downloads of associated podcast bundles
  • A copy of the associated published book, as applies

Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge, skill, understanding, materials, and confidence you need to plan for, train, implement, track, troubleshoot, and support an effective implementation in the associated topic.

Interested? Schedule a TTT exclusively for your own company. Or register for one of our public TTT where you learn and practice with a group of trainers from several companies. At-a-distance, personalized coaching by Dr. Galsworth is also available at package prices.