Color-Code System for Borders (1-Year License, Annual Contract)

Online Course

$1,200.00 for 1 year

Your system of floor borders is the bedrock of the visual where (taught to your operators in WTMS Modules 8, 9 and 10). The effectiveness of your borders greatly increases when you add a rational color-coding protocol. Using the step-by-step process mapped out in this module, a small team of managers, maintenance staff, planners, and supervisors learn about the 19 types of borders and develop a powerful color-code system that makes your operational system even more effective. If you already have a color-coded system in place, use this process to vet and verify it.

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Online learning via Litmos platform.

Additional Licenses

Visual Thinking Inc. will contact you to coordinate any additional licenses purchased for end-users and trainers.

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