Mistake-Proofing for Perfect Quality for Engineers (1-Yr License, Monthly Subscription)

Online Course

$329.00 / month for 12 months


Until now, it could take years for a company to develop skill in mistake-proofing. Even then, what you learned usually endorsed out-of-date concepts and tools—and never addressed the real problem.

The Engineer's Course

1 Why Most Quality Control Fails
2 The Exceptional Challenge of Mistakes
3 The SMS Method to World-Class Quality
4 Preventing Mistakes through Simplicity
5 Secrets to Mistake-Proofing Devices (part 1)
6 Secrets to Mistake-Proofing Devices (part 2)
7 Perfect Settings Every Time
8 Great Solutions Deployed Every Time

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Now learn how to permanently eliminate defects from design and production through our powerful SMS Method for Engineers.

Co-developed by leading experts, Dr. Martin Hinckley (author of Make No Mistake) and Dr. Gwendolyn Galsworth (author of Smart Simple Design and Work That Makes Sense), this comprehensive eight-module training course teaches you and your engineers how to eliminate defects permanently through mistake-proofing—from concept to consumer, from design to operations. Watch your design and process engineering teams grow stronger, more aligned, and more effective—and your quality soar!

Contrary to popular thinking, variation is not the source of defects—mistakes are. Rely on statistical process control and you will be disappointed. The key to perfect product and process quality is our SMS methodology: Simplify, Mistake-proof, and Set Settings. It’s time to rethink your approach.

Unlike other approaches to mistake-proofing, our method doesn’t just show you examples. We teach you the logic, the method, and the system behind the solutions so you can independently create innovative solutions to ALL your own quality challenges–reliably, repeatedly, and precisely.

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Delivery Method

Online learning via Litmos platform.

Additional Licenses

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Learning Outcomes

1. Learn why variation is not only the source of your quality problems—but why Six Sigma is not capable of either finding or solving them and succeeds in barely 5% of its applications

2. Learn and apply our systematic SMS Method to identify and eliminate the source of your quality problems: Complexity, Mistakes, and Adjustments

Learn how to efficiently develop robust solutions to actual quality problems in your company through our 5×5 Tools

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Training Modules

Eight Training Modules

Module 1 The Basics of Workplace Visuality
Module 2 The Building Blocks of Visual Thinking
Module 3 Your Implementation Tool Box
Module 4 Smart Placement: Problem & What-Is Map
Module 5 Smart Placement: Logic & Could-Be Map
Module 6 Smart Placement: Principles 1-7
Module 7 Smart Placement: Principles 8-14
Module 8 The Visual Where: Borders

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