Master Class Vol. 4: Smart Placement Principles & Practices

Audio Product (MP3)


Volume 1 contains:

  • Let the Workplace Speak
  • Five Things You Should Know About Visuality
  • We Are Visual Beings
  • First Visual Building Block: I-Driven Devices
  • Visual Thinkers Wanted (The 7 Remaining Building Blocks)
  • Take the Muzzle Off: Let the Workplace Speak
  • Motion Sickness and its Cure
  • The Ten Doorways Overview
  • Making the Six Core Questions Visual
  • The Visual Workplace versus the Tribal Think
  • Cultural Transformation: How Visuality Does It
  • The Invisible Enemy: Can You Name It?
  • Pink Powder and the Two Primes
  • Visual and Lean: Two Wings of a Bird


What is a visual workplace—and why is it important? How do you develop workplace visuality in operations and company wide? These are just a few of the questions Gwendolyn Galsworth, visual system expert and award-winning author, answers on this week’s show. Tune in while Dr. Galsworth shows you: Why workplace visuality is the glue that holds all other improvement methods together, how it strengthens lean initiatives yet remains its own distinct strategy—and why visuality creates cultural alignment by liberating information and, in the process, liberating the human will. Join Gwendolyn on her premiere show on Voice America/Business and learn how visuality is used to translate information into exact behavior and make the workplace speak. Whether you work in a factory, bank, hospital, engineering office, military depot or open-pit mine, listen and build your knowledge and know-how of visual workplace technologies and the principles and practices that drive them.

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