Master Class Compilation 1: An Intro to the Visual Workplace

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What is a visual workplace and why is it important? How do you develop workplace visuality in operations and company-wide? These are just a few of the questions Gwendolyn Galsworth, visual system expert and award-winning author, answers in this complication of six Master Classes. Learn why visuality is the glue that holds all other improvement methods together.

Compilation 1 contains:

  • Let the Workplace Speak
  • Five Things You Should Know About Visuality
  • We Are Visual Beings
  • The Visual Workplace versus the Tribal Think
  • Cultural Transformation: How Visuality Does It
  • Pink Powder and the Two Primes


The six master classes in this compilation anchor your knowledge of the visual workplace and lead the way to operational excellence for your enterprise. Learn the profound transformational effects of harnessing our natural proclivity for visual and sensorial learning into a comprehensive language that captures and reflects the intelligence of your company’s operational systems and imbeds them into the physical landscape of your work, where they are available for all to see and use, as needed, at a glance, and at the point of use. This is a workplace that speaks!

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