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Hosted by Dr. Gwendolyn Galsworth, this podcast library contains nearly 200 discussions on the visual workplace to help you understand the cultural and operational paradigms involved with visual transformations.

Visual Workplace Basics

Visual Where

Culture: Infrastructure

Visual Leadership: Executive Tools

Lean Alone is Not Enough

Special Commentary

Culture: Hero Within

Visual Leadership: Supervisor Tools

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5S Origins

Visual Quality

Implementation Issues

Metrics & Problem Solving


Smart Placement

Culture: Cultivatation

Visual Leadership: Core Concepts

Workplace Trainer

about Visual Thinking
Established by Gwendolyn Galsworth in 1991, Visual Thinking Inc. (formerly Quality Methods International/QMI) is a training and implementation company, specializing in expert knowledge and know-how on workplace visuality. We bring those to you in the form of our books, DVDs, Online Training Systems, implementation protocol, train-the-trainer workshops, and other on-line and on-site services.
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