Master Classes


Master Classes


Master Classes

Our Master Classes Light the Way to Productivity

Created by Dr. Gwendolyn Galsworth, these powerful and authoritative audio lectures can be your pathway to mastery of the full visual workplace body of knowledge in convenient 30-40 minute segments. Her signature dynamic and engaging style makes learning a pleasure.

New compilations will be released (weekly), covering topics like Leadership, Culture, 5S on Steroids, Implementation, Becoming a Brilliant Visual Workplace Trainer, and over 20 more.

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An Intro to the Visual Workplace

The six master classes in this initial compilation anchor your knowledge of the visual workplace and lead the way to operational excellence for your enterprise. Learn the profound transformational effects of harnessing our natural proclivity for visual and sensorial learning into a comprehensive language that captures and reflects the intelligence of your company’s operational systems and embeds them into the physical landscape of your work, where they are available for all to see and use, as needed, at a glance, and at the point of use. This is a workplace that speaks!

Included tracks with this compilation:

  1. Let the Workplace Speak
  2. Five Things You Should Know About Visuality
  3. We Are Visual Beings
  4. The Visual Workplace vs the Tribal Think
  5. Cultural Transformation: How Visuality Does It
  6. Pink Powder and the Two Primes

The Visual Workplace vs the Tribal Think (Sample)

by Gwendolyn Galsworth, Ph.D. | An Intro to the Visual Workplace

about Visual Thinking

Established by Gwendolyn Galsworth in 1991, Visual Thinking Inc. (formerly Quality Methods International/QMI) is a training and implementation company, specializing in expert knowledge and know-how on workplace visuality. We bring those to you in the form of our books, DVDs, Online Training Systems, implementation protocol, train-the-trainer workshops, and other on-line and on-site services.


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Visual Workplace-Visual Management Guide (pdf)

Thanks for your interest in our Visual Workplace-Visual Management guide, the end-result of a wonderful, local collaboration between Visual Thinking Inc. and Graphic Products in Oregon.

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