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Five Things You Don’t Know About Visuality

Most people have a notion about the visual workplace that is much too small for themselves and for their companies. They think of it as a series of point solutions that are helpful, even clever. Yet they should expect more—because they need more. In fact, visuality is...

Use Motion as a Lever: Become a Scientist of Visual Improvement

It’s easy enough to make a visual device—or borrow an idea for one from something you saw in a book or at another workplace. Reproducing other people’s ideas (as long as you say thank you) is a positive—and it can keep you going for a while. But not for very long....

I-Driven Visuality: Harnessing the Hero Within

At the core, each of us has a deep and abiding need to achieve, to contribute—not just in our everyday lives but also at work. I like to say it like this: we come to work to be heroes. We want to master and excel. And it is the job of managers, on every level, to help...

The Need to Share: The Perfect Promise of Unity

In last week’s issue of The Visual Thinker, I discussed the first of the two questions that drive a visual workplace: “What do I need to know—that I don’t know right now in order to do my work?” In workplace visuality, the individual answers that question and then...

The Ten Doorways: Creating a Workforce of Visual Thinkers

The technologies of the visual workplace represent a discrete set of methods, tools, and visual outcomes that comprehensively convert the physical environment into a visual one.  Though many of these technologies will be familiar to you, what may be new is thinking...

Doorway 1: Operator-Led Visuality

The first Doorway into a Visual Workplace is visual order/visual inventiveness. This doorway is wholly-owned by value-add associates (aka, operators) and typically opened before any of the other ten doorways for three main reasons: the mission-critical need for visual...

Doorway 2: Visual Standards (not as powerful as you hope)

Everyone in the enterprise makes a contribution to visuality in the workplace. Everyone must. The war against information deficits is impossible to win without participation from all organizational levels.This is exactly the message of my central organizing framework,...

Doorway 3: Visual Displays (The Supervisor’s Need-To-Know)

Supervisors, managers, and schedulers own Doorway Three[2]. Open it and you discover visual displays. Visual displays are the higher form of visual standards—because they capture visual answers to the same range of operational questions as visual standards (where,...

Doorway 4: Visual Leadership – The Big Picture

Doorway 4 of the Ten Doorways into a visual workplace opens to Visual Leadership, a category of visual function that is rich in outcomes and in constructs—the tools of leading. While Doorway 4 is owned by the executive leader, managers and supervisors also make...

Doorway 5: Visual Controls & PULL Systems

Visual Controls in its many powerful forms is the focus of Doorway 5 in the Ten Doorways model. Owned by material handlers, supervisors, and engineers, this doorway holds important application for almost everyone in the workplace. It has two main aspects or targets:...

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