Gwendolyn D. Galsworth, Ph.D.

Recognized as a foremost visual workplace expert, Gwendolyn Galsworth has been implementing visuality for nearly 30 years in some of the world's best—and most complex—companies. As a researcher, author, hands-on implementer, and coach, she has focused on formulating and designing concepts, principles, and  technologies into a single, sustainable framework that includes: visual order, visual standards, visual displays/production control boards, visual metrics, visual problem solving, visual leadership, visual controls, visual pull systems, and visual guarantees (poka-yoke systems).


Dr. Galsworth formed VTI in 1991 as a base for her client work and research. In 2005, she launched the Visual-Lean® Institute where in-house trainers and external consultants are trained and licensed in the nine core visual workplace methods so they can train and implement visuality in their own companies or for their own clients. The result? Companies become self-sufficient in the knowledge/know-how base and create fully-functioning visual work environments, with attendant bottom-line and cultural benefits that are substantial. 


Her clients are factories, banks, hospitals, military depots, around the word, including many Fortune 500 companies.


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Prior to forming VTI, Dr. Galsworth was head of training and development at Productivity Inc. where she worked closely with Dr. Shigeo Shingo to develop, among many things, a western-based poka-yoke method—and with Dr. Ryuji Fukuda to adapt the CEDAC® method for western audiences. She was also principal developer and implementer of Visual Factory, TEIAN (worker-led suggestion systems), and Hoshin Kanri/X-Type Matrix Planning (policy deployment).


Dr. Galsworth holds a Ph.D. in adult learning and statistics and has led study missions to some of the world’s finest production facilities, in the USA, Europe, and Japan. She is a frequent keynote speaker on workplace visuality, strategic leadership, and cultural conversions.


When not presenting at public seminars and conferences or working with clients, she can be found hiking—or working on her next book.


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Dr. Galsworth, June 3, 2007,”, Mark Graban

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