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Gwendolyn Galsworth

Foremost visual work- place expert, Gwendolyn Galsworth has implemented visuality for nearly 30 years in some of the world's best--and most complex--companies. As a researcher, author...  More »

About Visuality

The visual workplace
is not about buckets and brooms or posters and signs. It is a compelling operational imperative, central to your war on waste, vastly reduced lead times, and an accelerated flow of materials, people, and information in and through the workplace. Visuality is first and foremost a language .... More »

Our Books

Our award-winning books on workplace visuality, the visual enterprise, visual leadership, and other improvement strategies are as informative as they are beautiful. No author has written as extensively or as dynamically as Gwendolyn Galsworth ... More >>

Big Screen Webinar Training Systems (Licensees Only)

1. Work That Makes Sense On-Demand Training System (Operator Visuality) 
Licensees: Click here  to register and access this series.  
2. Mistake-Proofing On-Demand Training System   (Poka-Yoke for Engineers)  Licensees: Click here  to register and access this series.

The Radio Show

Listen to Gwendolyn's weekly radio show, The Visual Workplace, LIVE on VoiceAmerica/Business, every Thursday at 1pm/Eastern (10am/Pacific). Click here for free podcasts of her shows or go to Radio Podcasts on the black navigation bar (above).

Visual Order DVD Training System

Considered by many the most comprehensive Visual Order  DVD Training Package available, this  system is based on Dr. Galsworth’s highly-acclaimed book, Visual Systems. It provides a complete process for training, implementing, and sustaining powerful... More »

Small Screen
On-Demand Webinars

Bring first-rate visual workplace training into your own company through our webinars--at a fraction of the cost of on-site delivery. Our webinars bring you the exact same world-class content that Dr. Galsworth provides her clients when she works on site. All contain 30 - 110 full-color visual ....More >>

On-Site Services

Our onsite services bring world-class visual workplace seminars, workshops, and full-company conversions to your facility and your enterprise--many of them delivered by Dr. Galsworth. Click here for our Standard Start-Up Proposal. We can deliver any of our nine core visual .... More »

Gwendolyn's Upcoming  Public Seminars: 


Gwendolyn is involved in several private seminars in the coming months.


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Gwendolyn's Upcoming    


Visual Leadership PublicSeminar

Sudbury, Suffolk ~  December 3, 4

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics

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Visual Machine Public Seminar

Strathclyde, Scotland ~  December 9

William Grant Glenfidditch Whisky Distillery

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13 Ways to Get Started on Visuality. Click here for options to get visuality going and growing in your company--or to go deeper...whether your company is a factory, hospital, bank, military depot, open-pit mine, restaurant or or retail store. For more, call 503-233-1784 or email us at:
Visual Workplace & Gwendolyn Galsworth Around the World. Dr. Galsworth often conducts public and on-site seminars in the UK, Europe, India, China, and Australia. Our public calendar is currently being updated...Stay tuned! Contact us if you'd like Gwendolyn to visit your company on her next trip.

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